kerstin February 20th, 2008


FILTER is a platform for international contemporary art, at the moment based in Hamburg, Germany.FILTER is not bound to one specific location, but is flexible entity and able to navigate and move around within other locations and institutions. FILTER concentrates on an interdisciplinary work structure in collaboration with artists, cultural activists, curators and with other institutions, emphasis on contemporary art.

About FILTER Detroit?

FILTER DETROIT is a research residence for artists, thinkers, cultural producers and makers from Detroit and outside of Detroit. FILTER DETROIT is building a living archive, a constantly transforming archive of information, documentation, knowledge, activity and space about urban interventions as well as social and artistic movements in Detroit and particularly on Moran Street in Detroit.

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  1. [...] particular picnic began when we met Jule Osten, an artist-in-residence at Filter Detroit.  As with all of our picnics, the pieces fell together as conversations led to ideas, and ideas [...]

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