States of Transition: Art in the Urban Contexts of Detroit, Baltimore and Hamburg

kerstin September 1st, 2012

Detroit as a starting point

This collection of texts, thoughts, encounters, statements and interviews by artists, makers, researchers and pioneers has been assembled as the result of a series of research travels to the city of Detroit, and Baltimore as well as Hamburg conducted in Fall, 2011. Considering the possibilities and limits of contemporary art and its circulation within museums, cultural institutions, commercial galleries and urban lifestyle networks, this booklet intends to look at the intersections of where art and creative social engagement meet and how this affects the transformation of urban space in the different cities.

This booklet should give you insights from the point of view of art-makers and supporters.
Who and what

Kerstin Niemann: Who and what drives artists, makers and art organizers in cities like Detroit, Baltimore or Hamburg?

Steve Hughes: Turning Dirt Without a Shovel

Sille Storihle: Anecdotes from Detroit

Liza Bielby and Richard Newman: Unintentional Pioneers – The Hinterlands’ Liza Bielby and Richard Newman

Interview essay between Chido Johnson and Kerstin Niemann: Art and Art production in Detroit

Gary Kachadourian: Working the Land

Sue Spaid: Does the Top Need the Bottom?

Hugh Pocock: “Whats Art Got To Do With It? ……Got To Do With It?”

Volker Kirchberg: Arts, Culture and Urban Development in Hamburg – Employments and Exploitations

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Thanks to the Goethe Institute for the research travel grant for curators, without which I would have not been able to spend time in Baltimore and dwell in the artistic scene of Detroit. My heartfelt appreciation goes to all the artists, makers, doers, dwellers, shapers, initiators, citizens of Detroit, Baltimore and Hamburg. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences and reflections about your city.

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