kerstin September 8th, 2012

This exhibition investigates the dynamic and ever-shifting creative, cultural, and physical topography of this city. Engaging Detroit as material, site, and narrative, the artists’ work comes in dialogue with the city’s social, cultural, built, and natural environments.

In exploring the Motor City, questions arose of how to negotiate the narratives that have come to represent it. As created by the city’s residents, visitors, and media, these depictions (sometimes conflicting and sometimes complementary) pose challenges to deciphering and selecting which portrayals to incorporate, and which ones to leave out.

The invited Detroit artists and archive materials represent different approaches of how artists, makers, and activists respond to these questions and challenge their city as a resource for artistic production. In addition, some works and documents present a history of the city, offering insights into the development process of what, how, and who have come to thrive in contemporary Detroit.

Detroit USA features ephemera from the city’s historical collections, the Living Archive from the research residence FILTER DETROIT, Detroit artists and designers:

Danielle Aubert and Maia Asshaq, Jon Brumit, Kate Daughdrill and Mira Burack, Design 99, Scott Hocking, Chido Johnson, jessica Care moore, Catie Newell, Gilda Snowden, Corine Vermeulen as well as Fieke van Berkom (NL), Nina Könnemann (DE) and New Hard Entertainment / Nandan Rao (USA) and work by these SAIC students works developed during recent study trips to Detroit: Kendall Martin Babl, Lise Ross Baggesen, Anna Rose Castellanos, Inah Choe, Jacob Dimuzio, Eunsil Drew, Jason Matthew Friedes, Tucker Brooks Hugge, Brittany Hayward, Kennedy Howard Jones, Tara Lynn Morton, and Erin T Toale

Installation view Jon Brumit, Catie Newell, Design 99, Corine Vermeulen and Danielle Aubert and Maia Asshaq, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago

Installation view, Jessica care Moore, Design 99 and Kate Daughdrill and Mira Burack, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago

Installation view, Lise Ross Baggesen, Jacob Dimuzio and Erin Toale

Installation view, Gilda Snowden and Scott Hocking, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago

There is a performance, lecture and film program on this show, check also:

If you miss the 1st reception on September 14th please come and join part of the artists and curators on the 2nd reception at October 5th.

Thanks a lot again to all the artists, makers and initiatives from Detroit. Special thanks to the crew at Sullivan Galleries for their incredible work on this exhibition and last but not least a big thank you and congratulations to the 12 SAIC students who came to Detroit and followed on with their ideas and works in Chicago.

@Fotos by Kirsten Leenaars and Erin Toale

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