DETROIT, USA - From The Ground Up: Action-based research trip with 12 SAIC students

kerstin September 2nd, 2012

For two weeks in June 12 students from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago worked and researched at the FILTER DETROIT residency.

Window piece at FILTER Detroit by Lise Ross Baggesen, SAIC

FILTER Detroit provided space to think, work, learn, discuss and meet others. From this central hub, the group explored historic neighborhoods, architecture, and cultural institutions, excavated diverse histories and community narratives, and researched Detroit’s many radical social/political movements. They explores the skills of artists, designers and culture workers in re-imagining urban America. During their research visit the students engaged and worked with Detroit-based artists, farmers, church groups, and a diverse group of practitioners and thinkers sharing labor, experiences and the activity of place making.

Site Visit and picnic with Kate Daughdrill and Mira Burack at Calimera Park explaining their "Edible Hut" installation

Studio visit Gilda Snowden

Jessica care Moore - poetry and art making

Dinner and Education Discussion, backyard FILTER Detroit, with invited guests Leon Johnson (artist), Katie McGowan (artists and curator of education MOCAD), Jeff Sturges (Mt. Elliot Makerspace) and Walter Bailey (artist and educator)

Detroit Workout concept by Jason Matthew Friedes

Jacob Dimuzio working on this text piece at the Filter Detroit house wall

Text piece by Jacob Dimuzio, Filter Detroit

In response to fieldwork and action-based research the students had the opportunity to develop permanent or ephemeral installations, interventions, and design projects for FILTER DETROIT and the Living Archive housed in the complex.

The organizational team: Kirsten Leenaars, Kevin Kaempf and Kerstin Niemann in front of FILTER Detroit

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