Facade Video Festival Plovdiv and residents of FILTER Detroit

kerstin November 8th, 2011

Plovdiv in Bulgaria, what a great place to be and do contemporary arts. Great food, sunny weather – interesting historic and modernist architecture and welcoming people mark this unique city.

Thanks to the invitation of Emil Mirazchiev from the Art Today Association I was able to attend 3 days of the 5 days long Facade Video Festival in September 2011, joining the video jury and presenting films from Detroit.

The setting of this international videofilm festival has been the exteriors and walls of the picturesque part of the Old Town in Plovdiv. On public market places the festival organizer screened over 5 days the 93 competition entries. While sitting outside we were watching videos with neighbors, invited guests, interested people and the art crowd from town. What a great way of experiencing for the most part experimental art videos with a wide range of people.

The jury of the video festival consisted of Plovdiv artist Sevdakina Kochevska, Sofia artist Adelina Popnedeleva, Sofia critic Svetlana Kujumdzhieva, Emil Mirazchiev, artist, festival initiator and director of Art Today Association  and me. The decision making process was not easy. Since the entries reached from emerging to advanced video artists, authors from 24 different countries, it took a while to come to a thoughtful decision. The FAÇADE VIDEO AWARD winner is Baptist Coelho - Something Terrible Has Happened. The selected Indian artist will be able to stay at the art residency of Art Today Association in 2012 and gets support in producing a new work. Congratulations.

During the Facade Video Festival I gave a presentation on my work in relation to art. Since I followed an invitation from a video festival I presented film projects of artist and filmmakers that spend time at the FILTER Detroit residency. The presentation ‚FILTER Detroit: transformation and observation’ included three film projects that worked with space, urban intervention and transformation. A music video by Nina Könnemann (D), a slide lecture performance by Fieke van Berkom (NL) and a feature film produced by New Hard Entertainment (USA).

Go to Plovdiv, if you get a chance it is a beautiful city!

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