P12645 FILTER Detroit Volume 1: In collaboration with Bauhaus Universität Weimar and the College for Creative Studies.

kerstin May 18th, 2011


P12645, FILTER Detroit

Volume 1: In collaboration with Bauhaus Universität Weimar and the College for Creative Studies.

FILTER Detroit proudly presents after a series of researchers, visitors, projects and investigations, the FIRST VOLUME OF A PUBLICATION about a collaborative project with the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and the College for Creative Studies.

P12645 has been a transnational experimental research project about the structural and creative developments in a neighborhood in Detroit shaped by insider and outsider perspectives.

Enjoy this publication in various ways:

as a documentation of time and place,

a reader,

a travel diary

a theoretical starter kid

a qualitative researched data analysis of the neighborhood

a photobook

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P 12645 FILTER Detroit, Volume 1 started as a series of discussions and seminars in and outside of Detroit. Over the course of one year it evolved into a 10-day research field trip of 8 Urban Heritage PhD students to FILTER DETROIT. A collaboration with the graphic design department of the College for Creative Studies, by name Susan LaPorte and her class and a series of on site visits and investigations to artists, urban farmers, activists, cultural institutions and urban planners in Detroit resulted in a series of essays and visuals, written by PhD students, Kerstin Niemann, Prof. Dr. Frank Eckardt, Susan LaPorte and Jessica Tiernan. A class of design students from CCS added their perspective and styles in correlation to the texts. P12645, a group of three amazing young designers , Amanda Matzenbach, Jessica Tiernan and Martin Wysor, offered one of the most challenging design solutions and made this publication come to live.

The publication launch took place at the FILTER DETROIT RESIDENCE ON MORAN STREET.

Designers, residents, intitiators, neighbors and interested parties engaged in talks, discussions, food and fun.

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