FILTER DETROIT @ Künstlerhaus Sootbörn presents: ‘Next City Detroit: Texture and Transformation in the neighborhood’

kerstin November 14th, 2010

26th till 28th of November 2010

Künstlerhaus Sootbörn, Sootbörn 22, Hamburg

FILTER DETROIT invites to a weekend of experience and feedback through artistic work practices, lectures, talks and films about Detroit at Künstlerhaus Sootbörn. In the exhibition art works, documentation and archive materials from Nikos Doulos | João Evangelista (Amsterdam), Fieke van Berkom (Eindhoven), Corine Vermeulen (Detroit), Power House Productions (Detroit), Andrew Herscher (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor), The YES FARM (Detroit),Underground Resistance (Detroit), The Mt. Elliott Makerspace (Detroit), Urban Heritage phD students of the Bauhaus University in Weimar (Weimar) will be presented in one space. At the same time the exhibition space is a location of negotiation, exchange and discussion amongst visitors, presenters, artists and makers.

How is Detroit shaped by art and cultural initiatives? How does Detroit shape them? And what are the effects of these developments for the immediate vicinities and the development of the city itself? Questions, that can’t be answered in a weekend. But questions that can evoke further questions about (post) urban negotiation of space, transformative processes and textures particularly with regard to urban development projects in Hamburg.

Rick - “Your town tomorrow”, photo by Corine Vermeulen

Friday, 26th of November, 6pm

People, Places and Products made in Detroit

An installation performance by Dutch photographer Fieke van Berkom. Fieke has been a guest of the FILTER DETROIT Research Residence this summer. „ It’s not about who or what isn’t there. It’s all about the people and the places who are there. Struggling with love and hate. I show you.”


Moran Street neighborhood, FILTER DETROIT

Saturday, 27th of November,

(Post) urban life and transformation in the neighborhood of Detroit

How do people shape their life’s in an urban area as Detroit now and which forms of transformation can be seen in their immediate neighborhoods?

4pm: Lecture demonstration by artists Nikos Doulos | João Evangelista. In “Translation Process: Archive of Impressions - Station #3: applied translation” they talk about their experience living in Detroit. In the summer of 2010 they have been the first artists of the residency pilot program organized by Expodium (Utrecht), platform for young art, in collaboration with 555 Gallery and the Yes Farm in Detroit. Expodiumwants to establish a long-term relationship with institutions and people in Detroit. The results of the three months stay of Nikos and João in Detroit have been presented in 3 Stations back in Europe; Hamburg will be Station Number 3.

Tea and waffles will enrich the program of the afternoon and invites to stay till the evening for the following program

7pm: Lecture by Prof. Dr. Frank Eckhardt (Bauhaus University of Weimar) about the research field trip to FITLER DETROIT with his „Urban Heritage” PhD research group. He will talk about „Urban Heritage and transformation in the Moran Street neighborhood“. In collaboration with design students from the College for Creative Studies the PhD students submitted their ideas, analysis and research on Detroit and the design students from Detroit will pick up their content and shape it into a publication also in relation to their visual and contextual experience of the city.

Detroit, Foto Fieke van Berkom

Detroit, Foto by Fieke van Berkom

Sunday, 28th of November

Myths, Stereotypes, Histories and Facts about Detroit

How is Detroit presented in the (mass) media?

3 to 5pm: moderated film program with documentations, music videos and commercial campaigns. Who is staging image campaigns and how are social networks used? Which influence has that on the perception of a city? Look forward to a feature of Underground Resistance amongst others.

FILTER DETROIT and the Künstlerhaus Sootbörn are looking forward to your visit and your participation in the program.

The program is realized by Kerstin Niemann (FILTER DETROIT).


Künstlerhaus Sootbörn is sponsored by the city council for the arts; media and sports of the city of Hamburg and with kind support of Verein Ateliers für die Kunst e. V. Hamburg.

Special thanks to: all participating artists and initiatives, Danielle Aubert, Volker Lang, Roland Helmus, Gesa Lange and Thomas Jehnert.

Opening hours Künstlerhaus Sootbörn:

26.11, 7pm – open end

27.11, 3-8pm

28.11, 3-8pm


Sootbörn 22, 22453 Hamburg, Phone: + 49 o4o - 58 91 76 36

w w w . k u e n s t l e r h a u s – s o o t b o e r n . d e

What is FILTER DETROIT: FILTER DETROIT is the little sister of FILTER; a platform for international contemporary art and culture. FILTER DETROIT researches structural and cultural processes of transformation in the urban landscape of Detroit. / FILTER DETROIT is a research residence for artists and cultural producers and makers from Detroit and outside of Detroit. /FILTER DETROIT collaborates with Detroit’s cultural institutions and initiatives as well as internationally. / FILTER DETROIT is building up a living archive, a constantly transforming archive of information, documentation, knowledge, activity and space about urban interventions as well as social and artistic movements in Detroit and particularly on Moran Street in Detroit.

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