Shotgun Architecture at P40 - A sound and light installation by Justin Bennett

kerstin November 11th, 2008

Opening: 12th of December, 7pm

Duration: December 12th 2008 till January 11th 2009


// Shotgun Architecture at P40

A sound and light installation by Justin Bennett


Can one make sound visible? What happens to our thought processes and emotional perception when sound and its movement is performed or even manipulated in space?

Mapping urban space and its architecture through the sound of a gunshot, the method Justin Bennett is currently using, entails numerous domains of expression. FILTER invited Bennett for his first solo presentation in Hamburg to work on a site-specific presentation at P40. P40 is a turn of the century building with an ornamental red brick façade, a cupola roof and spaces with high ceilings. Built as pathology department for the Eilbek hospital until its privatization the space has been used and redefined for different purposes over the last decade.

Justin Bennett analyzed this piece of architecture with a gunshot and recorded its echoes. A gunshot is a simple sound element that we seem to know how to identify and detect. But what happens if your initial senses are deceived? Sound and vision can transpose a physical space and illustrate an imaginary space. Shotgun Architecture at P40 is the result of this interaction, a site-specific sound and light installation with a set of “Noise Maps”.


This exhibition is a collaborative project with the Dutch edition label ONOMATOPEE. Together with the artist ONOMATOPEE produced a 10 inch record and poster of Shotgun Architecture by Justin Bennett (


Further information on the artist please visit:



Freek Lomme/ Remco van Bladel

Kanaalstraat 8
5611 CT Eindhoven
The Netherlands
office: 0031 (0) 40 202 78 85


opening hours: Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays: 3 till 6 pm and on appointment (closed 24.12 and 31.12)


location: FILTER zu Gast bei P40, Alte Pathologie, Friedrichsberger Strasse 32, Hamburg


directions FILTER-:

U2 until Hamburger Straße, then take Holsteinischer Kamp until the end (ca. 500 m), then cross the street to the left until the old red brick building.


S1 until Friedrichsberg, then cross the terrain of the hospital until you reach

Friedrichsberger Straße, on your left-hand side you see an old red brick building.



Shotgun Architecture at P40


curators: Kerstin Niemann and Freek Lomme

initiative: FILTER/Kerstin Niemann and ONOMATOPEE/Remco van Bladel

assistance: Inga-Lena Vöpel


in collaboration with:

ONOMATOPEE (Eindhoven, NL) / KuBaSta Kunst Bauen Stadtentwicklung e. V (Hamburg, D)


with kind support of:

Stroom Den Haag (NL), KuBaSta Kunst Bauen Stadtentwicklung e. V. (Hamburg, D) und/and Lebenswertes Barmbek-Süd (Hamburg, D)


special thanks to:

Matthias Lintl, Gabriel Dubois, Plus GbR, Quartiersbüro Barmbek Süd, Dieter Söngen, und/and Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven (NL)



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