Wonderful occurrences and other fairytales

kerstin February 20th, 2008

Story telling hour: Storytellers introduce their fairytales!

11.11, 3-5pm

Wonderful occurrences and other fairytales

Mythical creatures, forms and colors – to understand life and the world as it is, as it is told to be, as it can be, as it must be or shall never be. The combination of imagination and reality in stories, oral traditions, images and objects can create new structures of thinking and possibilities to obtain knowledge, to recognize relations and to ask questions. Angela Carter, a journalist and storyteller, summarized the characteristic of oral story telling, classic fairy tales like the Brothers Grimm as well as the postmodern fairy tale as follows: “As fairy tales, folk tales, stories from the oral tradition, all of them are the most vital connection we have with the imaginations of the ordinary men and women whose labor created our world. ”

In how far three different artistic positions reflect these stories in their own way sharpen the perception or activate thoughts, you can eventually experience in this exhibition. In her series of 16 drawings, Nina Lola Bachhuber (USA) is using the medium of drawing as a lyrical element. Within one drawing occur changes between the realms of abstraction and figuration. The detailed lines and organic structures play with the human perception of familiar shapes and bodies. Yesim Akdeniz Graf (D) produced specially a collage painting for the exhibition. You can see a young woman next to a portrait of an elderly lady. Loaded with drama the image is represented like a performative act. Thus the painting is an ideal breeding ground for a narrative. Referring to the question about her subjects and motives Akdeniz Graf states: “Images are metaphors of the stories that interest me. I am developing certain logic for my pictures and then they do resolve again. The resolution opens the way to something else.” Whereas Henk Visch (NL) exposes the traditional lines of modern sculpture, between figuration and abstraction. His provocative presentation of details, and the abstraction of his objects are suspense. In association to that the viewer may create new forms between perception and memory.

Furthermore FILTER invited interested contemporary fairy- and storytellers to send their story to FILTER. All incoming stories can be looked at during the exhibition, among others documentations and stories from: David Tompkins (USA), Dirk Meinzer (D), Georges Le Bar (USA), Gil + Moti (NL), Birgit Schlieps (D), Andreas L. Hofbauer (D), Konstantin Griesser (D), Doris Kollmann (D), Christian Klose. A selection of the fairytales and stories sent in will be presented on the 11th of October, 3-5pm, if not even of the fairytale tellers personally.

Realized by Kerstin Niemann

Facts about the exhibition


3.11 until 11.11


2.11, 7pm

Story telling hour: Storytellers introduce their fairytales!
11.11, 3-5pm

Opening times

3.11, 3-7pm / 4.11, 3-7pm
5.11-9.11 by appointment
10.11, 3-7pm /11.11, 3-7pm


General Public
Schönhauser Allee 167c
D-10435 Berlin

FILTER is an international platform for contemporary art in Hamburg
FILTER Kerstin Niemann
Bachstrasse 85, D-22083 Hamburg

With kind support of and in cooperation with:

General Public
Schönhauser Allee 167c, D-10435 Berlin

Special thanks to:
die teilnehmenden KünstlerInnen,
Produzentengalerie Hamburg,
Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven sowie
Julia Reinicke und Oliver Baurhenn



Yesim Akdeniz Graf
Untitled, 2007
Acryl and oil on canvas
170 x 140 cm

Yesim Akdeniz Graf
do you know where you are going to, 2007
Acryl and oil on canvas
230 x 200 cm

Henk Visch
Which of us do you think is right?
Mixed media sculpture, 2 parts
Height 60 cm

Henk Visch
Ik was een vrouw
Mixed media sculpture
Height 150 cm

Nina Lola Bachhuber
Series of 16 drawings, ink and pen on paper
24 * 32 cm each

Die Werke dieser Ausstellung stehen zum Verkauf. Die Preise erhalten Sie auf Anfrage! | The works of he exhibition are for sale. Prizes upon request.

img src=”http://www.wdwdw.de/filter/bilder1/wb3.jpg” alt=”" />

Exhibition view: Wunderbare Begebenheiten und andere Märchen / Wonderful occurences and other fairytales

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